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Kpito is in Indonesia! We want to figure out how we can impact the Indonesian elementary schools (Sekolah Dasar) in the best way. With our classroom application, we firmly believe that we have something completely new for every type of Indonesian teacher. With ease of use being one of of our main pointers, we know that Kpito can be used by every teacher and every pupil in Indonesian classrooms.

The advantages of Kpito are perfectly fitting for the current state of Indonesian education. Firstly, the use of Kpito helps in saving on resources like paper copies. With Kpito, the assignments are all online and can be chosen from the database. As opposed to photocopying an assignment from a (work)book or from the internet. Secondly, pupils get direct feedback on their assignments and you can directly see how your pupils are performing. This saves time on checking the assignments made by the students, while it is also possible to directly interfere. Another advantage is the ability to easy differentiate in the assignments for pupils in the class, through adaptive learning and group-based scheduling. So that pupils can work on their own level, in stead of making assignments that are too hard or too simple for the students. This could drastically enhance the growth of each pupil in your class.


Direct feedback


Pilot Studies

We believe that, when you create a platform for teachers, you should work closely together with teachers. Therefore, we are looking for teachers, in the area of Jakarta, that want to experience the effects of Kpito. During a period of a month, you can work with Kpito on a trial basis. Within this period, we are eager to hear all your feedback to make sure that we are offering the perfect platform for Indonesian teachers and pupils.

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Do you have any questions, remarks or do you want to speak to us? We are more than happy to speak to anyone who is interested! You can either call or email us. We look forward hearing from you!