adaptive practice

Adaptive learning

Through working adaptively, every student can work on their own level.

Growth for every child

Individualised assignments

Differentiated levels

Besides working on "normal" assignments Students can also work adaptively with Kpito. Through working adaptive every child can work on their own level, because the level of the assignments is adjusted to the performances in Kpito. The advantage of working adaptively with Kpito is that you can work adaptive on lesson level, but also on paragraph and chapter level. This offers the advantage that you could use adaptive assignments in different ways. For example, the students can either work adaptively on the chapter level "Vocabulary", paragraph level "Words for 3rd grade" or the lesson level "Vocabulary: Animals". When students finish their scheduled assignments, the assignments automatically changes to adaptive. In this way, the students can continue to improve their competency on specific learning goals.

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