Adaptive learning

Through working adaptively, every student can work on their own level. Growth for every child Individualised assignments Differentiated levels 1 2 3 Besides working on "normal" assignments Students can also work adaptively with Kpito. Through working adaptive every child can work on their own level, because the level of the assignments is adjusted to the […]


Kpito offers a broad variety of assignments. Diversity Fitting questions Insight 1 2 3 4 5 The assignments within the platform are the heart of Kpito. Pupils can easily make a large variety of type of assignments. They can either work directly on a learning objective or with adaptive assignments. With either type of assignments, […]


With the easy to create subgroups, you are able to indivualize the offering to your children. Easy to use Working differentiated Time-saving 1 2 3 This function allows you to easily create subgroups within your class. You could for example think of a group "math whiz kids" or "struggling with grammar".By simply entering a name […]


You are able to get Kpito under your total control, with the easy to use settings page. Ease of use Broad capabilities Lightning fast 1 2 3 The settings page from Kpito offers you an extremely high ease of use to create a personal Kpito experience. You can change the names, add new/remove pupils or […]


With the insightful analysis page, you can gain deep knowledge of the level of your students. Insight Comparable Report 1 With the analysis page you have an insight in the level of your children, relatively to the national average. You will both get an insight in the relative¬† level on the learning objective, as the […]