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What is Kpito?

Kpito is an extremely userfriendly digital education platform for elementary schools. Through the open approach, the platform is suitable for each type of school and each type of teacher. Teachers can use Kpito as a total replacement of the workbooks, as a way to let their pupils work differentiated (at their own level), as a way to get a better insight in your pupils performance or a way to schedule homework. So, even in the same school there can be a different adoption of the way the Kpito is used.

What is Kpito?

Kpito is a classroom solution for elementary schools, where differentiation plays a central role. With differentiation we mean, that pupils can work on their own level. As opposed tof over- or underachieving on work that is not fitting with their capabilities. By working on their perfect level, pupils will grow more steadily and rapidly. As a teacher you have several ways to let your pupils work at their own level. Firstly, you can easily create subgroups from the different levels that you have within your class. You could for example create a group “quick in math” and a group “trouble with math”. It is really easy to add or remove pupils to these groups. And it allows you to schedule differentiated assignments for these groups. The pupils just have to click on the airplane in their homescreen, to see the assignments that are scheduled for them. The advantage, is that only the pupils that were assigned to a specific group can see the scheduled assignment. They will not without knowing that they are part of a group.

Another way to let children work differentiated, is through adaptive learning. Which means that the level of the assignment are adjusted to the performance of the pupil. In this manner, pupils can eventually work on a level that is perfectly challenging for them and therefore allowing them to grow quicker and more structured.

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What more can you do with Kpito

There are a lot of other functions in Kpito that make it a complete platform for your pupils, ranging from the age of 5-6 to 12 years old. For example, the broad range of assignments and the rewarding system that adds a playful and motivating touch for your pupils. While for you, as a teacher, Kpito offers an extremely easy to use dashboard with broad possibilities. Like the, in real-time loading, progress pages. One progress screen, shows you the progress of your pupils in one specific lesson. While there is also screen that allows you to see the current progress of your whole class, nevertheless of the (differentiated) assignments that they are working on. Since the results load in real-time (within a second) and the results are clickable you always have a full insight in how your pupils are performing. Therefore, you can easily use these screens to intervene directly if a pupil requires more attention.

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Want to learn more about Kpito?

Kpito has a lot to offer for every type of school and teacher. And there is more to tell, than mentioned above. Please feel free to browse around on our website or send us an email if you have any kind of question or remark, at

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