Digital education made easy, smart and accessible.

What we stand for


Kpito was set up as an intuitive platform, the buttons direct themselves. Therefore, every teacher can work with Kpito.


Students can work either on class, individual and adaptive levels. With content for all subjects and several varying elements.


You can prepare assignments for the whole class, subgroups or you can let the students choose themselves.


Kpito was made for every type of school and teacher. Therefore, we are handling an attractive pricing model for every school.


Every teacher is fully operational within 5 minutes. There is no complicated startup process, you could login directly and start using Kpito.

Complete insight

With the insightful dashboard, you have an overview of all the important information concerning your students performance and progress.

For who we do it

Any type of school with any kind of teaching philosophy is suitable for the use of Kpito. With the thematic categorization, there will always be assignments that fit with your teaching method. And with the variety of smart functions, teachers can use Kpito in a way that is fitting to their way of teaching. It could even occur that teachers within one school use Kpito in a different manner.
The Method following teacher can use Kpito to support individual students with extra assignments. Or through dividing the class in groups and assign specific assignments to each of these groups. Another manner to use Kpito for teachers, who are loyal to the method, is through replacing the assignments from Kpito with the assignments from the method.
Schools where the method plays a somewhat lesser role could use Kpito as a complete digital assignment platform. In which every student can work on their own level, instead of just following the curriculum of the whole class. All the learning goals are available and finding the right assignment does not take more than seconds. This also opens the chance for schools to make a start in individualizing their education.


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